Arnica Skulstad Laurice

Professional actress/ creative consultant/ voice & acting coach

"...A very talented, serious, bold, passionate and hard working young actress, [Arnica has] a wonderful gift for both the comic and the dramatic...Really superb work, so sensitive, specific with a very powerful inner life and drive."    ~Kevin Cotter (MFA Acting Instructor Temple U, renowned teacher Michael Chekhov Studio NYC)

professional recommendations

"Arnica is a smart and elegant leading woman, betraying a certain maturity beyond her years...she has a genuinely elegant, intelligent demure quality that often suffuses her work with an air of 'presence' that I find arresting."  

​​~Douglas C. Wager (Multiple award winning director; formerly Artistic Director, Arena Stage (DC))

"I've worked with a lot of talented people, but Arnica constantly amazes me. She just has a natural knack of capturing the emotion of her character."

 ~Lori Dulmage (Artistic Director, FLAG Productions (Vancouver)) 

"She brings a powerful, stageworthy intelligence to her work, and has tremendous willingness and ability to take risks in making a personal connection to the roles she plays. Arnica is exceptionally teachable and directable, never resisting the challenges she is presented with.  She does work which is honest and direct, uncluttered and unaffected."

~Ron Reed (Artistic Director, Pacific Theatre (Vancouver))